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Meeting Digital and Technology Standards, as well as Cyber Security Standards in Schools even though it’s almost Christmas!

As we head towards the end of year and our attention is focused is Christmas trees, family and pigs in blankets…we are also preparing for a new school year.

2023 brought us new technology and definitely new risks and Cyber Security has been a prominent theme.

The DFE has also been in great in providing guidance relating to the Digital, Technology and Cyber Security Standards for your Trust or school and the latest addition, is the updated KCSIE.

In the documents below, are the guidelines set by the DfE in the latest KCSiE (Sept 2023), but also an extract from the Digital and Technology Standards (March 2023), focussing on Cyber Security.

Breathe is dedicated to helping out Trusts and school with IT and specifically getting the basic systems and processes to ensure our safety. Not only to avoid Cyber Security attacks and breaches but also ensuring we are able to cope with such an event.

We have team up with global security leader SonicWall and have the following offers for you:

1)Free of charge security risk analysis by Breathe. 

2)Free demonstration of the SonicWall products(Firewall, Web Filter, Office 365 Security) and discussion on your security and safeguarding currently in place.

3)Heavily discounted pricing and trade in programme against your old Firewall/Webfilter hardware. Meaning you get something back on old systems that would normally have no resale value and end up with the latest technology that meets the guidelines. (Get the hardware free when purchasing the standard 3 year license/ warranty)