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All it takes is one email

All it takes is one email Did you know it can just take one email to bring your entire organisation to its knees? Why? Because a surprising 90% of cyber attacks begin with an email, and if you and your whole team are reliant on email every day, your chances of falling for a scam increase. Fortunately, […]

DFE Digital & Technology Standards

Great Cyber Security Audit Offer for your schools or Trust Breath Technology’s goal is to help schools understand how to manage their risks and how to meet the latest technology standards. Therefore, we would like to share the following guides with you: Download PDF 2. Breathe’s Cyber Security Audits for Schools, Trusts & Mats shows you how […]

Sharing a Free White Paper to compare your IT Support Service

What is a Full-Service MSP? Discover the latest thoughts from our Managing Director, Craig van Aswegen, on the shifting dynamics of outsourced IT support for SMEs and schools. Including organisations that have an internal IT manager, administrator, or team.Explore our selection of white papers and documents for a deeper insight into these developments.   Download […]

Robust Backup and Business Continuity Solutions for Schools

Backup and Business Continuity Solutions for Schools In today’s digital landscape, safeguarding your school’s data is paramount. With the increasing threat of cyberattacks, it’s crucial to have comprehensive backup and recovery measures in place. The latest government and Department for Education (DFE) guidelines mandate stringent standards for data protection, including maintaining at least three copies […]


Government Backup Recommendations for Businesses: DOWNLOAD YOUR COMPLIMENTARY COPIES OF: It’s an invaluable resource to ensure your backup system is robust and prepared for potential cyber breaches. It’s free of charge and could be immensely beneficial! ➡️ If you need help, feel free to reach out to us at any time! Download PDF Download PDF

Encryption: The difference between peace and chaos

What would happen if your school or business data were stolen? Would it: Create chaos within the organisation and risk everything? Or… Become an inconvenience that, fortunately, you had already foreseen? What is the difference between these two outcomes? Encryption If you haven’t arranged it yet, it’s crucial to do so promptly. Our latest video […]

Offline Backup in an Online World

Government Backup Recommendations for Businesses: As we are working with local businesses to enhance their cyber security, we’re excited to share some insights with you. We conduct between 12 and 24 audits annually, a practice we’ve upheld for over two decades. Both IT System Audits and Cyber Security audits, which include things like penetration testing […]

Meeting Digital and Technology Standards, as well as Cyber Security Standards in Schools even though it’s almost Christmas!

As we head towards the end of year and our attention is focused is Christmas trees, family and pigs in blankets…we are also preparing for a new school year. 2023 brought us new technology and definitely new risks and Cyber Security has been a prominent theme. The DFE has also been in great in providing […]

Are you ready for Windows 11 to get even better?

[preloadyoutube ytid=_Jt62ZqG45k] As if Windows 11 wasn’t already packed with enough goodies, it’s about to get even better. Are you ready for a major upgrade to your favourite tools included with the operating system? First, let’s talk about the Snipping Tool. This humble screenshotting tool has been quietly serving us for years, capturing our screens […]

That phishing site? Gone in 600 seconds

Did you know that a staggering 60% of phishing websites are only online for a fleeting 10 minutes? [preloadyoutube ytid=iPqp-a9RlfQ] Yes, you read that right. Just ten minutes. This surprising fact underlines just how rapidly cyber threats are evolving and how vital it is for us to stay ahead of the game. Phishing sites are fake […]