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IT Security Audits

IT Network Audits

Our IT Network Audits (sometimes called IT or Health Checks) provide an independent 3rd party review by an IT expert

The Breathe Technology IT Network Security Audit Service provides an evaluation of your network focusing on elements such as Topology, Security, Reliability, Disaster Recovery, Licensing and running cost.

An IT Network Audit performed by a qualified third party can capture information that in-house staff do not have the time, resource, experience or equipment to check. We are unbiased and have a strong understanding of how to design, build and support networks.

If you are already outsourcing your IT and question the current status of your network, it may be the ideal opportunity to get an unbiased view. We can assist with short term goals such as consolidation, security or reducing cost. We are also able to assist with longer term goals while providing a more strategic perspective.

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Why do an IT Network Audit?

  • There are doubts around how your IT is managed by the internal team or outsourced IT provider.
  • You have inherited an existing IT setup you are responsible for.
  • The Covid-19 lockdown has highlighted issues with the current setup
  • If your network is not performing or has become unreliable.
  • The organisation has suffered data loss or you have uncertainty about your backup and disaster recover plan
  • Considering an infrastructure project or refresh
  • Wondering about Cloud computing and how to leverage the best of on-premise vs cloud technology
  • You have a ISO certification, PCI or commercial obligation to your customers
  • You are unsure if your Cyber/ Network Security is configured correctly
  • If you have Office 365 but unsure about backup and security
  • You are planning expansion, a relocation or an additional site
  • Your organisation has grown in recent months/years without a supporting IT strategy (e.g. simply adding hardware/software as needed)

These are just some of the reasons you would benefit from a Network Security Audit. It is essential to put IT at the forefront of business planning, and a Network Audit is the first step to gain clarity. Once we understand the problems in isolation, it becomes possible to create an action plan. Every audit can have a focus to delve deeper into specific items you have concerns on. Every issue or risk highlighted will be supported with evidence and suggestions and recommendations provided on possible resolutions.

We also offer network penetration testing services

IT Network Audit Process

During the process, we will evaluate all relevant components of your network, highlighting areas that work well, areas of concern and provide recommendations in simple to understand language, with full technical back up information.

As part of the Audit, we will produce a summary document, which will become a valuable ‘To do’ list, and for many of our customers becomes part of an ongoing IT development plan.


ISACA Certification

Breathe Auditors follow the industry best practice and principles from ISACA as a globally recognized certification and industry authority for IS audit control, assurance and professional security processes.

Being ISACA-certified showcases your audit experience, skills and knowledge, and demonstrates you are capable to assess vulnerabilities, report on compliance and institute controls within the enterprise.

What does the audit include?

Network Infrastructure

  1. LAN Topology (Current and the ideal scenario)
  2. Internet Connectivity and Hosting
  3. The infrastructure (On-Premise & Cloud) & Configuration
  4. Hardware ages and warranties

Server Environment

  1. Server Infrastructure
  2. Storage Infrastructure
  3. Virtualisation, cloud and physical servers
  4. Domain and active directory services
  5. Operating Systems and related Software
  6. Licensing

General Desktop Environment

  1. End user devices
  2. Staff awareness and general IT experience
  3. Specific issues that can be rectified to improve staff confidence

Security and Data Protection

  1. WAN / Public Facing Services
  2. Firewalls and other appliances
  3. Anti-Virus and other Malware Protection
  4. Encryption of portable devices and storage
  5. Operating System updates
  6. Backup, Disaster recovery and Business Continuity
  7. GDPR
  8. Safeguarding

IT Management

  1. Strategic Objectives of the organisation and IT Alignment
  2. Internal Team or Outsourcing Organisation
  3. ISO or other requirements
  4. General Management of IT

When is an audit needed?

Most of our customers tend to do an audit preceding another important event. These typically include:

  1. Changing of IT Service Providers. It ensures you understand the state of play and get all your information before moving to a new provider.
  2. Before embarking on larger projects that result in significant infrastructure / topology changes such as VDI Implementation, Backup and DR, A Network Rebuild, Server or Networking Refresh
  1. Changing of the organisations management team. The new manager needs to get a handle on things and understand exactly what is in place
  2. ISO Certifications such as ISO4001, ISO27001 or ISO27002
  3. Requirement place on you by your customers
  4. When there are technical issues or doubts regarding the IT such as performance, liability, security, business continuity or licensing as examples.

What to do next?

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