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IT Network Security

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With over 14 years experience in providing IT Security Products and Services to Business, Education and Public Sector … you know you are in safe hands and we are able to provide the best pricing and highly skilled engineers. We have installed these solutions into small 5 person businesses but also large multi nationals, many local Government, Charities, Schools and Colleges.

  • Security audits, pen testing, consultancy, installation and support
  • UTM Security Appliances & Firewalling (SonicWall, Cyberoam, Sophos)
  • Email Security & Archiving (CleneMail)
  • Anti Virus (Avira, Trend Micro, Sophos)
  • Anti-malware (Malwarebytes)
  • Endpoint Protection & Encryption (Endpoint Protector by Avira, WinMagic, Malware Bytes, Sophos)
  • Anti Exploit (Malwarebytes)
  • Breach Remediation (Malwarebytes)
  • Patch Management, Network Vulnerability Scanning, Network & Software Auditing (GFI)
  • Web & Application filtering (SonicWall, WebTiTan, Sophos)
  • Safeguarding & Monitoring (Securus)
  • Remote Access & VPN (SonicWall)
  • 2 Factor Authentication (EasyAccess)
  • Data Protection
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery (PHD Virtual/Unitrends)

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Public Sector and Education pricing is supported too.


 Our Products


dell sonicwall

(Dell, SonicWall, Juniper, Fortinet, Cyberoam, Check Point and Sophos)

Breathe’s approach to firewalling is to provide dedicated firewall appliances with hard coded secure operating systems. We therefore do not promote software firewalls running on servers such as Microsoft TMG Server. This is based on Security and Reliability of these core devices.

Our primary Vendors are Dell SonicWall, Cyberoam  Check Point and Sophos.

UTM appliances provide a consolidated or all in one approach to security and the following features are available for the gateway appliances:

  • High Availability appliances, load balancing and failover
  • Gateway Security Services: Anti Virus, Anti Spyware and Intrusion Prevention
  • Web and application filtering
  • Real Time Bandwidth management
  • Active Directory User Integration and Reporting

Call the breathe team now on 01223 20 99 20 and ask for Craig or email to arrange a demo or find out more about which trade in options are available?

Yes, we will trade in almost any other firewall against one of the latest appliances!

Public Sector and Education pricing is also available.



email security 2

(CleneMail Cloud, Spam Titan, Barracuda Anti Spam)

Dedicated appliances and cloud options are available. We believe that email security is ideally dealt with in the cloud. The vast majority of email is unwanted emails, spam and contain malware and viruses. Why not clear this out before it reaches your network? Remove it before it utilizes your valuable internet bandwidth? And add additional redundancy with a cloud portal to hold your email in the event of server downtime. Additional to the security aspects, granular management and 10 years archiving is also available. And the best bit…it is very cost effective!

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(Avira, Trend Micro, Sophos)

Our primary vendors are Avira, Avast, ESET NOD 32, Trend Micro and Sophos. Do you simply need a good deal on licensing, a trade in against your current product or do you need help with larger deployments and ongoing support?

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Malware and Ransomware

See our blog post; 

What’s the difference between antivirus and anti-malware?

Through our primary vendor Malwarebytes, you get the benefit of protection against threats before other products have even identified them. If endpoint detection fails, our remediation technology will remove any infections.


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securedata 2

(Lumension, WinMagic, Avira, Sophos, Malwarebytes)

Are you required by the ICO, your business partners or other legal requirements to encrypt laptops, hard drives or USB storage devices?

Our solutions can provide whole disk encryption, file and folder, device encryption, centralized management and audit trails.

The primary vendors are Lumension, Winmagic , Avira , Sophos and Malwarebytes.

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 Four layers work together to block exploits instantly. In the first stage of the attack, anti-exploit prevents shell code execution. In the second stage, it stops memory calls, sandbox escapes, and memory mitigation.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for Business doesn't use a signature database like traditional endpoint security, so it doesn't require frequent updates and conserves network bandwidth. Its small 3 MB footprint and lean client further minimizes use of system resources.

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for Business doesn't waste valuable CPU cycles employing virtual machines. Making it the perfect solution for older hardware and EOL operating systems like Microsoft EP, which is no longer supported with security updates.

Our advanced technology doesn't employ blacklisting/whitelisting or sandboxing, so it needs far less management by the IT department than traditional endpoint security. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for Business also requires minimal or no end-user interaction

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data breach remediation



According to research, malicious threats remain undetected on business endpoints for three months or more on average*. Can your business, whether a SMB or an enterprise, wait that long? Our endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution proactively scans for and remediates malware, reducing dwell time and the need for endpoint reimaging.

Malwarebytes Breach Remediation is engineered to integrate seamlessly into existing security stacks. If your endpoints require comprehensive advanced threat protection, we recommend Malwarebytes Endpoint Security.


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patch management


Your network is only as secure as the weakest link!

Patch management is vital to any business that takes security seriously. Network security breaches are most commonly caused by missing patches in your operating systems and other applications. Updating all of these manually every time an update is available takes a huge amount of time and commitment in the IT department. Automating this process is the best way to go.

One of the greatest strengths of GFI LanGuard is its ability to manage patching for the most popular operating systems and other applications.

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(SonicWall, Lightspeed, WebTiTan, Sophos)

Regardless if you are an enterprise, small business or a school, you have a vaecarious responsibility to protect your users from online threats and your organisation against peoples actions, internally and externally.

Web and application filtering is one of the most complex areas of network security to manage.

Breathe’s chosen Vendors are Dell, SonicWall, Lightspeed, WebTitan and Sophos. Not only do we need to prevent unproductivity by managing websites like facebook, but we need to ensure that malware does not infect our systems(resulting in network hacks and staff bank accounts being emptied), but all web traffic is traced back to your organsiations IP addresses. We need to protect the organisation.

In the event of an investigation, will you be able to account and report on every users internet usage? You should be able to.

If you have any concerns or would like more information on how Breathe can help you implement a working web and application management system, call breathe now on 01223 20 99 20 and ask for Craig or email





Our primary vendor is Securus. These solutions are mainly found within Education and public sector.

Online usage is skyrocketing with so many online devices...partly belonging to the organisation and many personal. So, you have a webfilter and your safe? But what about activity that doesn’t take place in a web browser but still done on a PC or tablet? Chat Session, Something written on an email or document. Something serious?

Securus can almost be seen as CCTV on your network…if it’s displayed on a screen, we can see it, monitor it and report on it!

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Breathe are able provide a basic to very comprehensive remote access setup to include the following:

  • Basic Email or application access on any device (Desktop, Phone, Laptop or Tablet)
  • Appliance based VPN solutions with web portal, end user checking etc
  • IPSEC VPN clients
  • Complete hosted desktop (Cloud desktop or DAAS, Desktop AS A Service)

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Easy Access 2 factor authentication

(Breathe, EasyAccess)

Cost effective and simple to use 2 factor authentication via our Cloud Service Breathe Easy.

The back end is supported by global leader Easynet.

The weakest point for any remote access system are our user passwords. Traditionally we have been able to combat this by providing fob based solutions like Vasco or RSA.

With the latest cloud and mobile technologies we are able to provide this as a mobile phone app or grid integrated into the Windows logon screen. This removes the management and cost head aches associated with previous systems.

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