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‘Prevent Duty’

Each school or college has a statutory responsibility to keep children safe in education. This Prevent Duty became law in July 2015, and has been monitored as part of the OFSTED Inspection process since September 2016. Most schools we speak to believe they have the necessary systems in place, but on further investigation they still have work to do. If you’re not sure you’ve got it all covered, watch the video below and then request a free Information Pack on the right.

 This introductory video features Allen Baynes (Education Consultant, External Advisor of DFES & ex OFSTED inspector), David Wright (Director, UK Safer Internet Centre), Ken Corish (Online safety Manager, South West Grid for Learning).


If you cannot tick off all the items on the list below, you may not be fulfilling your legal responsibility:


  1. Does your school have a plan to ensure your ICT processes & equipment fulfil the Prevent Duty requirement as set out in the KCSIE guidance?
  2. Do you have this written in an easy to read format, that will simplify your next Ofsted Inspection?
  3. Do you have a firewall or web filter which uses the Police Assessed list as commissioned by the Home Office?
  4. Does your web filter or Safeguarding solution on the UK Safer Internet Centre ‘Approved Vendor’ List?
  5. Have you seen the ‘360Degree Safe’ structure & self review tool?

Keeping Children Safe In Education (KCSIE)

Recent Statutory changes to a school/college’s wider safeguarding obligations, mean that from September 2016, the ability to meet their ‘Prevent Duty’ will for the first time be incorporated into Ofsted inspections. The challenge for schools and colleges is to balance this obligation whilst providing access to stimulating and, crucially,  age appropriate material that meets the needs of the curriculum. No easy task.

The Revised Prevent Duty Guidance states that Schools in England (and wales) are requiredto ensure children are safe from terrorist and extremist material when accessing the internet in school, including by establishing appropriate levels of filtering”.  Furthermore, the Department for Education published the revised statutory guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education‘ in May 2016 (and active from 5th September 2016) for schools and colleges in England.  Amongst the revisions, schools are obligated to to ensure appropriate filters and appropriate monitoring systems are in place. Children should not be able to access harmful or inappropriate material from the school or colleges IT system” however, schools will need to “be careful that “over blocking” does not lead to unreasonable restrictions as to what children can be taught with regards to online teaching and safeguarding.”

How Breathe Technology Can Help

Breathe Technology have been working as a specialist ICT provider to the Education sector since 2003. We provide everything from basic ICT support, to outsourcing, project work and specialist services such as ICT strategy, security and safeguarding.

Breathe Technology together with Dell SonicWall have created an assessment programme to help schools achieve the requirements set out by KCSIE, based on the guidance from the Department of Education, UK Safer Internet Centre and The Inter Watch Foundation.

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