We’re all far too busy these days. Most of us spend our lives running all over the place, wearing multiple hats and juggling work, family and social lives. It seems like we never get a chance to really sit down and relax, so when that rare opportunity does occasionally make an appearance, we grab it with both hands.

Your staff are probably no exception while they are supposed to be working for you.

What happens, for example, when your IT system encounters a glitch?

The trouble is we’ve all become so reliant on computers that we’ve forgotten how to perform simple tasks ourselves and we go into panic mode when they stop doing what we expect of them. Entire organisations can grind to a standstill over something as simple as a faulty printer. And if the entire network goes down you’re in big trouble.

Most businesses find that even the most committed staff in the world will jump at the chance for a little bit of relaxation time. So when computers aren’t doing their job that’s a great opportunity to down tools and do very little. People sit around chatting or go home early, whilst every second your business is losing money.

That’s not to say that all employees want to take the easy way out. There will be others who like a challenge and want to try their best to make things better, using their own limited IT knowledge or good old Google to guide them. Unfortunately, IT set ups are complex, and if you don’t really know what you’re doing you could end up digging a far bigger hole for you and your entire organisation. Well-meaning staff, no matter how lovely and helpful they might be, can cause more problems than you could ever imagine. Just like you wouldn’t want someone who did biology GCSE 20 years ago to perform open heart surgery on your Granny, you really don’t want someone who’s just watched a couple of YouTube tutorials fixing a wonky computer system.

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