We’re sure you’re familiar with
the concept of dog years. They
say the first year of a puppy’s life
is the equivalent of 15 human
years. And your dog ages the
equivalent of five to nine human
years every calendar year.
Poor Fido.
Just as an older dog needs to be taken
to the vets more regularly, so too
must older IT systems get specialist
attention and have more preventative
work done.
Technology is improving at such a
speed that older hardware and software
can quickly fall behind. It’s not
as dramatic as it used to be – when
things would just stop working – but
there are underlying risks of running
an old setup that you must be aware
In fact, if your system hasn’t been
significantly reviewed in the last
three years or longer, then it’s highly
likely that your staff’s productivity
is at risk – and so is your data. The
older your setup, the greater the data
security risks.