Breathe Technology is leading IT Managed Services Provider and Security Specialist. Over the last year, our security team has been busier than ever due to the high number of malware infections including Ransomware. One business owner recently asked, why are we at risk? What would they do with my DATA?

The answer is simply that they do not want your data. They want to cripple your business and then ask for a ransom. Or they want to add your network to their global spam network and use your systems to achieve their criminal aims. They are using ever-more sophisticated methods of phishing and fake invoicing to take money from your business or your employees/customers.

Large enterprises are spending vast sums on security staff and equipment, making it much harder to compromise these organisations. So, the criminals must instead target small to medium sized businesses, who are less likely to be properly protected.

In order to ensure that you have the correct levels of protection, please ask yourself the following questions:

1)Is your firewall less than 3 years old with the latest updates from the manufacturer?

2)Does your firewall have a Gateway Security Subscription that includes Anti-Virus and Intrusion detection?

3)Does the Security Service on the Firewall include a Sandboxing Feature to capture new and unidentified versions of Malware? On SonicWall this is called Capture and provides what we call Zero Day Protection. The Modern Malware approach is to hide the Malware behind seemingly harmless applications, such as the recent outbreak disguised as an Adobe update.

4)Can your Firewall scan HTTPS encrypted websites? Another new method is to hide malware behind HTTPS sites, as conventional Web Filters would simply ignore these pages as they were encrypted…

5)Was the Firewall installed by a trained professional, either in house or a Security Reseller? Firewalls are very complex and you can only guarantee your install and your safety if the installer was trained by the specific manufacturer…

If the answer to any of these is ‘no’, then you are at risk and need to speak to us.

Thanks to the support from SonicWall, Breathe are now able to offer the exclusive pricing to our customers only, until 20th December. Installations, however, can be scheduled for 2018. This will guarantee you the latest comprehensive network security at heavily reduced prices.

Breathe are supporting this campaign, by providing significantly reduced rates on installation and support.

Our offer prices are shown at the bottom of this email. Please contact one of our sales team on 01223 209920 if you would like to take up one of these offers.

Alternatively, we are also offering discount on a Security Audit of your Network. During the Audit we will review all network security elements from your Email, Web and Application Filtering, Anti-Virus on the Server and Desktops, Windows Updates, Remote Access and your Firewall Configuration. The result will be an easy to understand report, highlighting suggestions and risks. This option is very popular with new customers, as it will provide you with insight, peace of mind and creates a plan to work to.

The pricing provided is a one-off to Breathe for this Campaign, and is not something that is likely to be repeated. Call one our Sales team today if you think your business is at risk.


All prices include Advanced Gateway Security Suite for 3 years

(These are our most popular models; other models available at the discounted rates, please contact us for more information).

SonicWall Model SuitableFor RRP Our price until 20th Dec
TZ 300  

Single site < 20 users


£1,707.03 £979.20
TZ 400 Single Site <30 users £2187.66 £1,189.20
NSA 2650 Site-to-site and client VPN <75 users £6,283.47 £3,499.20
NSA 3600 Distributed networks <150 users £8,388 £4,891.20
NSA 4600 Demanding, High Speed Office networks £11,746 £6,747.60
NSA 5600 Core of demanding networks/Head Offices £23,082 13,262.40


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