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Managed Service for Business

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We will keep your IT systems working optimally, secure the system, and bridge the technical gap, so you can focus on doing your job without frustration and worry.

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Why outsource IT to a managed service rather than employing a systems administrator??

  • More cost effective than an internal employee. It would be less per annum than the salary of an experienced administrator, and no recruitment costs. Typically an administrator would be earning between 30-50K depending on experience and team size, plus 20%-30% recruitment fees.
  • Our skillset is higher than your typical support business, sue to our employment and staff training methods over a long period of time. Additionally, we have many hours of project experience in designing and building networks. Not only supporting them.
  • We would provide continuity of service in the event of holidays, sick leave, employees leaving etc.
  • Rather than a single person with a limited skillset, we would assign a dedicated Account manager, Lead Technical Consultant, Backup Technical Consultant and you have access to the helpdesk and a project team.
  • The Lead Technical Consultant, will have no less than 5 years networking experience and be trained in ‘desktop/Server/Networks and Security’. Normally with a system admin, you would buy in support for project work and specialised technologies like firewalls, WIFI etc. This would add additional support costs to the salary.
  • We don’t limit our support like some businesses do. All email, telephone and remote support is included. Site visits can be tailored to your requirements. You decide how many visits you want per week/per month or you can have someone fulltime. This can be reviewed monthly and adjusted as needed.
  • Our support is proactive and we provide you with documentation and useful report showing what is being done for you.
  • We offer strategic support too….in other words, help your IT match with what the business is doing now and over the next few years as you expand. This is provided on request for projects or specific requirements. However, some customers have this pre booked monthly or quarterly.
  • Our projects are UK wide but our managed support sites are local and we provide SLA’s. This means that we may not be sitting in your office every day, but your support will be responsive, site visits scheduled and structured and we can be on site quickly if you need us or in the event of an emergency.
  • We have high level Partnerships with all our Vendors. This means we get competitive pricing, we are trained by the Vendor itself and we have strong relationships with their technical teams to ensure we can escalate or get support from the manufacturers when needed. An administrator will never have this type of access to the manufacturers. This element of our service can have a big impact in how we are able to resolve complicated technical issues.
  • All our hardware, software and labour can be financed. Some of our customers use leasing as a strategy…to tie in with how they refresh their I.T. or a simple way to finance projects

In short we become part of your team and you will have a much more experienced team for less money than a basic system admin…and no HR/ employments issues.

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We realise that you may already have an I.T. Support company in place…but believe that we are better…

Apart from the fact that we have been designing, building and supporting Networks for the past 13 years, we have a different way of working than most other I.T. companies and we believe in 40% Tech and 60% Customer Service.

We provide you with a more personal and efficient service by giving you a dedicated team with direct contact numbers! (Technical and Account Management). So they know you and your business and your not talking to some guy you hardly understand that doesn’t know you and your team…

Your Lead Technical consultant will have an amazing skillset. No more Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 Helpdesk calls…your tech lead will be trained in Desktop Support, Networks, Servers and Network Security. When you call, the issue will be in resolved by an expert.

The backup Tech Consultant will ensure continuity of service when your lead goes on holiday…and then there is a level 3 helpdesk.

All contracts have Unlimited Remote Support, Telephone and Email Support, and yes, we believe in pre scheduled and structured visits…which can be added as per your requirements. Some customers have them monthly, weekly etc.

Systems monitoring and altering is obviously 24/7…

Our pricing is always a flat fee based on your package, which means that your support is never limited by the number of tickets or calls and your costs never spiral out of control.

And if you need it…we can offer you, what we call our ‘Virtual IT Director’ service…which is strategic consultancy. To help you plan your business growth or deal with challenges such as supplier requirements i.e. create an ISMS with an information security plan and the relevant policies to get you ISO27001 certified…or business continuity.

Finally, we speak to so many customers that do not have good system documentation.

System settings and passwords…a network diagram, documented backup process and copies of their licensing… Never mind an Asset list, a quick report after each site visit and monthly pro-active maintenance checks with an easy to understand report about your system?

To top it off…we do an annual Network MOT where we review your system and have a meeting with you about the system state, any possible risks or spend and where you are taking the business. So, we can support your efforts from an I.T. point of view and be part of your journey. We still have contracts going back to our startup and we have grown with our customers.

Our support contracts can start at as little as £350 per month for a 10 person business or:

£1,150 for a 40 person business or:

£2,200 for a 80 person business….

(We have standard pricing for each feature and your pricing is always itemised)

Standard Features of the Managed Support Service

(Mid Package for SME)

The contracted hours are based on Business Hours for Technical Support. The Technical
Support Consultants, Account Manager and Helpdesk will be accessible during Monday to
Friday, 9:00am to 17:30pm. After hours monitoring and mission critical support is included to support the network…

1. Dedicated Team with direct contact information, for a more personal support experience. 

  • Lead Technical Consultant (Min 5 years experience, Desktop, Networks, Servers and Security skillset)
  • Backup Technical Consultant
  • Account Manager

2. Access to the level 3 Helpdesk (Business Hours 09/:30-17:30)
3. Unlimited Remote, Email and Telephone Support (No limits on your support)
4. 24/7 System Monitoring and alerting – Servers and Core Network Equipment
5. System Documentation & Reports – reporting that makes sense and gives only valuable info
6. Website Hosting (Valid for the duration of the support contract)
7. Hosting of the Offsite Backup/ DR Storage
8. Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) on services provided
9. Pro Active Management of the network – we don’t wait for it to break
10. Break Fix Support when something does break
11. Monthly Account Management Meetings to ensure we look after you
12. Annual Network Audit and Strategy Meetings, so we support your plans and business growth
13. Scheduled Site Visits based on your requirements. This can be adjusted to suit your needs and budget.  

Call us now on 01223 209920 or email for more information.