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IT Challenges

GDPR: The time to act is NOW!

You probably already know that new GDPR data protection laws are being introduced this month. But did you know that your business could be publicly shamed if you don’t comply?

If you’re thinking that data legislation is the last thing you want to be thinking about right now, I understand. It’s certainly not the most scintillating of subjects. But please read on to understand why it is VITAL you act now…

The lowdown on GDPR ~ Are you ready?

What exactly is the GDPR? The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new, improved version of the Data Protection Act. It comes into force on 25th May 2018, and it will change the way organisations collect and manage the information they collect about customers.

The regulation is the new framework for data protection across the whole of Europe. According to the governing bodies behind it, the GDPR has been designed to harmonise data privacy laws and protect the rights of individuals.

2018 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report

Organizations large and small are caught in the middle of a global cyber arms race with vastly different resources. For this reason, SonicWall is committed to passing their findings, intelligence, analysis and research to you via the 2018 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report. Download the full report to gain:

• Key advances for the security industry and cybercriminals
• Exclusive data on the 2017 threat landscape
• Security predictions for 2018
• Cyber security guidelines and best practices

Email Security; CEO Fraud is the new threat

Email security is your business’s new headache. They are targeting MDs, CEOs and other senior staff. Read our enlightening report to find out how they’re doing it, and how to stay connected while minimising the risks.

The Pros and Cons of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD)

For businesses, BYOD can mean increased productivity and reduced costs. Fantastic! But there’s a darkside too. If not handled properly, there’s also a huge security risk that – if the worst happens – could easily cost you a lot of money and damage to your reputation.

How fast is your computer aging?

Here are 5 signs that your current IT setup is actually a lot older than you think.

GDPR is coming

The new data law that starts in May 2018.

It sounds dull but it’s massive…and your company needs to
act NOW.

We’d love to tell you this guide is a highly entertaining and humorous
piece about a really exciting subject. Sadly, we’d be lying, and you’ll be pleased to hear we don’t ever lie to our audience! So let’s be totally upfront about this now. We’re talking about the new laws surrounding data protection and all the associated paperwork.

Bad Rabbit Ransomware: The Latest Attack

Yesterday another ransomware outbreak started in Russia and Ukraine. The name of this ransomware is “Bad Rabbit” and it comes in as a download disguised as a Flash player update. This ransomware tries to propagate itself via SMB, but does not seem to use any exploits. The good news is that it also requires explicit action from the user in order to proceed.

The details of the ransomware are outlined in this blog and we will continue to update you if there is additional information.

What is the Cloud?

So What is ‘The Cloud’? If you’re one of the many who finds the concept of cloud computing a little difficult to get your head around, you’re not alone. We thought we’d put together a guide for you, which will explain all those cloud related things you were probably wondering about but felt too embarrassed to ask.

How IT steals your staff’s time and productivity

What happens when your IT system encounters a glitch? When computers aren’t doing their job, that’s a great opportunity for your team to down tools and do very little. Our guide and video looks at some of the most common IT problems and how much time they waste.

Cyber Crime – Stay Safe!

Cyber crime is the biggest risk to local businesses. Did you hear about the WannaCry cyber attack on the NHS? Have you ever considered how your business would react if your data was encrypted, and held ransom. There are more than 5 million cases of cyber crime reported every year. And we’ve put together a new guide to show you how to protect your business.