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IT Challenges

What is the Cloud?

So What is ‘The Cloud’? If you’re one of the many who finds the concept of cloud computing a little difficult to get your head around, you’re not alone. We thought we’d put together a guide for you, which will explain all those cloud related things you were probably wondering about but felt too embarrassed to ask.

How IT steals your staff’s time and productivity

What happens when your IT system encounters a glitch? When computers aren’t doing their job, that’s a great opportunity for your team to down tools and do very little. Our guide and video looks at some of the most common IT problems and how much time they waste.

Cyber Crime – Stay Safe!

Cyber crime is the biggest risk to local businesses. Did you hear about the WannaCry cyber attack on the NHS? Have you ever considered how your business would react if your data was encrypted, and held ransom. There are more than 5 million cases of cyber crime reported every year. And we’ve put together a new guide to show you how to protect your business.